Tuesday, May 29

Too. Many. Nature. Shots.


Nature is just so cool, guys. And capturing it is just way too fun.

First three photos were taken at a nearby (my favorite) cemetery and the rest were taken at this place owned by some religious dude. Hehe.

City shots next time, swear. Haha.

Shared Success (DIY)

So I've mentioned that I am quite a fan of arts and crafts and ever since I've gotten way too interested in fashion, I used the skills I've acquired in the past for my personal benefit. Hence, I started making bracelets. Like crazy. A single day of unstoppable enthusiasm would yield 5 or more "creations" (because I make rings too). Depends on how bored I am, really. 

And when I finally felt confident enough about my work, I decided I should make a profit out of these. Sooooo, I showed some of my classmates at school the products I'd be willing to sell. 


They've always been loyal customers when it came to the things I would sell. So when these babies came out, they just did not refuse. ;) And then I made it more of a personal kind of thing by having the bracelets customized down to the very last details. I gave them the option of choosing the color of their chains (silver or gold), how many colors they would want on the bracelet, and for the most fun part, I made them choose their own colors for the cord/s. 

I had a blast making those bracelets for them. It gave me such a satisfied feeling. And now, I would like to share to you guys how I make these beauties. :) ENJOY! 

-by the way, I accept orders and am willing to show other styles for those who are interested ;)-

 You're going to need:
-chain (depends on you and how much you need)
-1 or more colors of cord that's about 4 times the length of your chain
-lobster clasp
-jump ring (you actually just need one)

 Tie a knot on the first link of your chain. Making sure that both sides of the cord are pretty much equal in length.
 Take the first piece of cord on the right and put it through the first link and then pull it out upwards.
 Secure the loop by tugging on it. So....it kinda gets tricky here. Repeat until you only have six link spaces left on your chain. Then do the same on the opposite side.

 Tie both ends together with a square knot. Or whatever... Just tie it hahaha.
 Tie a knot with the other cord on the first link and follow the same steps. Make sure the placements of your loops are uniform. For example, if the green cord gets looped under the blue cord, it stays like that even on the other side. You get what I mean....
 And on the other side.....
 You can tie the knot of the second cord on the link before the first one to avoid confusion. Then tie both cords together. You can do this however you want, just make sure they're together and they stay in place. At this point, you can add some superglue to all the knots you made just to keep them in place. Most especially the first knots made on the first link. 

After doing so,  attach the jump ring on the first link then add the lobster clasp. Then, you may close the jump ring and make sure it's closed tightly so the lobster clasp won't fall off.
So there's your chain bracelet! It is getting to be quite the trend. You can either stack them up or wear with a manly watch like I did. Either way, this is one creative piece of arm candy that fits every style out there! :D

Tuesday, May 15

COME TO MAMA (please?)

  1.                                                         2.                                                     3.
  4.                                         5.                                           6.

                                                               7.                                                      8.                              
       10.                                          11.                                         12.

1. Zara floral bomber jacket
2. Zara asymmetric hem skirt
3. Zara tie dye Bermuda shorts
4. Michael Kors Rose Gold runway watch
5. Minusey spike necklace
6. Jefferey Campbell Roscoe boot.
7. Coldplay for Whatever It Takes iPhone case
8. Dave Grohl for Whatever It Takes iPhone case
9. an actual iPhone -.- HAHA
10. Zara horse print scarf
11. Asos hair cone
12.Phoenix album. Like the actual album. You know, with the case.

Yeah, yeah. I am one of those people who still buy CDs and the like.

Haha, anywaaay. So those are just few of the things that I have been dreaming about for the month of May. I mean, I'm not sure if I'm gonna do this monthly now but uhh I've just been wanting a lot of things this month. Haha.

Beauty and Noms

-Rant that's not really related to the post-
(or is it? hehe)

Lately, I've just been indulging myself with purchases here and there and most of the time I don't even get to appreciate the things I already have. I know I can't really justify myself on this one. Yes, I do have a problem with handling money. But now that I have finally shed some light on the situation by isolating myself at home, I get to reflect and learn from my (old) ways. The whole summer, I was more than ready to unleash the materialistic side of me. Going shopping week after week and what not. Even though I know it's only for the summer, it's the attitude towards spending that remains. And I am done with that crap. It's what I now call the "papa's always there anyway" attitude. I mean, I never really asked much from him. He voluntarily gives the green away. THEN the beast in me goes nuts. I never really wanted to admit this. But damn, I sure can spend. More than I can save. There. I said it. 

ADORABLE stick blush from The Face Shop.

Some great chunky glitter nail polish from Tony Moly.

Korres lip balm, Revlon Lip Butters, some rings from Manila and an amazing Murakami book.
So I kinda gave in to the whole Lip Butter hype (just in case it wasn't obvious enough. HAHA) But I can explain! I mean, I'm too young to be putting on lipstick. Like the real deal kind. Well, that's in my opinion, of course. So when I found out that these were like the babies of a lip balm and a lipstick. NO WAAAAAY I just had to try them out! And to justify even further, they were getting such good reviews.

Actually, Raspberry Pie was just a gift. Such a nice aunt.....
The. Bomb.
Asian level: OVER 9000

Hmmm, progress...... Well, I guess I'm just trying to admit this to myself. Even if it means I have to do it through a blog post. At least I'm doing it, right? SO ANYWAY. Lesson learned. Rant over. 


Monday, May 14

Rain is good. Rain is very good.

I love rainy days far too much. Don't get me wrong though, I love me some sunshine as well. But once you live in a DAMN HOT country like the Philippines....it gets kind of overwhelming. So when I see those gray clouds forming....HALLELUJAH.

Although sometimes they feel like trolling and get blown away to some other city when it gets windy and when you least expect it. Not cool, earth. Not cool.

Ombre' rocks. HAHA.

Rain on a cement wall. Cool. Beans.

It got pretty boring. So I took it out on my "project" for our dining room. :D

It's still in progress, okay.......
Rainy day noms.

That good travel feel...

These were just some of the photos taken from my trip to Zamboanga. And I added in just a few photos from Manila (too busy soaking in the feeling of retail therapy to even think about getting the camera out) and some back here in Davao. So yeah.... Just figured I should get them out in the open. 
AND taking pictures while inside a moving car is difficult.

Having that said, you may proceed with the photo-viewing. Haha.

Birds are great photo bombers. Good for you, Mr. Bird.


Damn that's a lot of green.  Well, that's Philippines for ya. Haha.
Good work, digicam. 

Is it just me or do we need more of these buildings around? 
Yeah. It ain't just me.

Meanwhile, in Manila........ 

Wattup cousins. (I'm at the far back on the right. Just sayin') 

Dat silhouette. HAHA, sorry pops.

Back in good ol' Davao. 

At this SUPER COOL printing press. They make your yearbooks, homie.

Swimming on a gloomy day...... Fair enough.

So I guess you could consider this as somewhat of a summer photo diary. But I'm guessing this isn't the end of it. I mean, I still got a few weeks left right? Days? I don't even wanna know anymore. -.- Meh. Anywhooo. Probably one of the most productive and satisfying summers ever. A good start for what's to come in a few weeks (days, whatever.), if you ask me. 

But honestly, I'm pretty pumped up for the new school year. A bunch of changes in terms of everything and I mean EVERYTHING. Just like any other school year. Oh well.... SY 2012-2013, come at be bro! :D