Wednesday, May 9

Good Quality Soaps? Yeah, my kind of thing.

I wasn't kidding when I told you guys I was gonna post about soap.There you have it, a massive haul from LUSH. Okay, okay. I bet you guys are kind of weirded out. I mean, I get it, who would go to Manila and come back with 11 bars of soap (and one emotibomb)? A girl who hasn't gone to LUSH before and who's particularly keen on scents, that's who. And that's meeee! Call me freaky for making this my first ever legit post but whatever, man. I like my soaps. Aaaand they were 50% off. Case closed.

List of Products:
-Demon In The Dark (50% off)
-Sandstone (50% off)
-Snowcake (50% off)
-Sweet Heart
-Honey I Washed The Kids
-Too Drunk Emotibomb

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