Monday, May 14

That good travel feel...

These were just some of the photos taken from my trip to Zamboanga. And I added in just a few photos from Manila (too busy soaking in the feeling of retail therapy to even think about getting the camera out) and some back here in Davao. So yeah.... Just figured I should get them out in the open. 
AND taking pictures while inside a moving car is difficult.

Having that said, you may proceed with the photo-viewing. Haha.

Birds are great photo bombers. Good for you, Mr. Bird.


Damn that's a lot of green.  Well, that's Philippines for ya. Haha.
Good work, digicam. 

Is it just me or do we need more of these buildings around? 
Yeah. It ain't just me.

Meanwhile, in Manila........ 

Wattup cousins. (I'm at the far back on the right. Just sayin') 

Dat silhouette. HAHA, sorry pops.

Back in good ol' Davao. 

At this SUPER COOL printing press. They make your yearbooks, homie.

Swimming on a gloomy day...... Fair enough.

So I guess you could consider this as somewhat of a summer photo diary. But I'm guessing this isn't the end of it. I mean, I still got a few weeks left right? Days? I don't even wanna know anymore. -.- Meh. Anywhooo. Probably one of the most productive and satisfying summers ever. A good start for what's to come in a few weeks (days, whatever.), if you ask me. 

But honestly, I'm pretty pumped up for the new school year. A bunch of changes in terms of everything and I mean EVERYTHING. Just like any other school year. Oh well.... SY 2012-2013, come at be bro! :D

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