Tuesday, May 15

Beauty and Noms

-Rant that's not really related to the post-
(or is it? hehe)

Lately, I've just been indulging myself with purchases here and there and most of the time I don't even get to appreciate the things I already have. I know I can't really justify myself on this one. Yes, I do have a problem with handling money. But now that I have finally shed some light on the situation by isolating myself at home, I get to reflect and learn from my (old) ways. The whole summer, I was more than ready to unleash the materialistic side of me. Going shopping week after week and what not. Even though I know it's only for the summer, it's the attitude towards spending that remains. And I am done with that crap. It's what I now call the "papa's always there anyway" attitude. I mean, I never really asked much from him. He voluntarily gives the green away. THEN the beast in me goes nuts. I never really wanted to admit this. But damn, I sure can spend. More than I can save. There. I said it. 

ADORABLE stick blush from The Face Shop.

Some great chunky glitter nail polish from Tony Moly.

Korres lip balm, Revlon Lip Butters, some rings from Manila and an amazing Murakami book.
So I kinda gave in to the whole Lip Butter hype (just in case it wasn't obvious enough. HAHA) But I can explain! I mean, I'm too young to be putting on lipstick. Like the real deal kind. Well, that's in my opinion, of course. So when I found out that these were like the babies of a lip balm and a lipstick. NO WAAAAAY I just had to try them out! And to justify even further, they were getting such good reviews.

Actually, Raspberry Pie was just a gift. Such a nice aunt.....
The. Bomb.
Asian level: OVER 9000

Hmmm, progress...... Well, I guess I'm just trying to admit this to myself. Even if it means I have to do it through a blog post. At least I'm doing it, right? SO ANYWAY. Lesson learned. Rant over. 


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