Wednesday, May 9

So I heard you like bright things at night......(sorta late)

These photos were taken about a month ago during my trip to Manila. Well, one of those glorious days was spent at SM Mall of Asia. A great day that was, to say at the least. And can I just say that the whole idea of the MOA Eye is nothing but genius!      




So we decided to take a ride on that 160 feet tall giant while the sun was setting. Guys....BEST IDEA EVER. I may not have the most wonderful pictures to back up my testimony, but trust me on this. Or better yet, check it out for yourself. Then head off to one of the bright and colorful neighboring restaurants and other cool hang-out places along the bay. But hey, man. You could just totally go home afterwards (and be a total killjoy) Haha, just kidding. DON'T MISS OUT ON ALL THIS FUN STUFF. JUST DON'T.


Looks like this thing needs some cleaning. Sayang ang view eh. Haha.

Bakit pa kasi may pintuan..... Hahaha.

Okay... So here come the blurry pictures. Shouldn't have drank that coffee...

Ayan ang Starbucks, o. -.- Hahaha


This was supposedly an image of the fireworks but uhhh...the coffee..and the excitement... You get the point.

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