Wednesday, May 9

I regret nothing.

So I got a couple of other things during my stay in Manila..... :D

Ginger Cropped Long Sleeved Shirt from Forever21

Lime Green V-Neck Shit from Forever21

Red Orange Long Sleeved Shirt from Forever21

Karl Lagerfeld Shirt from Switch Nation

Printed Shirt from Penshoppe

Grey Crop Top from Penshoppe

Sheer Black Crop Top from Soul

Aztec Bodycon Skirt from Forever21

Studded Black Shorts from Forever21

Black Pleated Skirt from Zara

Burgundy Romper from Forever21

Looks a tad bit violet, don't you think? It's Burgundy. Swear. Haha.
Navy Blue Embellished Crop Top from Forever21
Behold. The mother of all my purchases. SO ADORABLE.
Wowza. I am getting way more comfy with the other side of the color wheel. I am not even kidding. You see, I've only gotten into the whole idea of "color" just recently. And I guess I'm liking it. I mean, it's pretty obvious ^^^

Oh, and not to mention my style is changing! Like woah, man. A romper? Where'd that come from? To cut to the chase, I'm not much on the feminine side in terms of the way I dress. I like jeans. Jeans are cool. But I'd definitely wear something more ellaborate on top from now on. Don't get the wrong idea, though. I'm not even considering giving up my band shirt collection. BAND SHIRTS ARE THE BEST. NICOLE OUT. Hahaha.

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